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Pasta Fresca Italiana

Restaurants / Ultimo aggiornamento 11 mesi, 2 settimane fa

Pasta fresca italiana by chef Sandro Isabella has years of experience in the restaurant industry. I decided to create something unique. In this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, every chef has tried to adapt to the problem, by creating something interesting to be able to continue providing a service to people who love the Italian culture of eating well. All the pasta is made with durum wheat semolina flour from Italy. Pasta fresca italiana by chef Sandro Isabella specializes in the production of fresh pasta of the highest level, such as pasta with spirulina algae, saffron, beetroot etc. The service offered is also a delivery service to your door, with a range to choose any sauce that you like. The production of fresh pasta remains entirely artisanal, maintaining the traditions of the grandmother.

Sandro Isabella
0405 396 583
Armstrong Street
Ashfield NSW