This year was the 12th annual celebration of the Italian language.

Although this year varied greatly from previous Italian Day celebrations, 2020 allowed students and families to increasingly engage in the cultural and family connection of Italian language learning.

All of the students had a fabulous time engaging in many different Italian and cultural experiences, including drawing, music, dancing, cooking and art.

To further enhance the learning experience, an interactive Italian Language Booklet was created for students to access at home with their families.

The booklet contained video links allowing students to participate in activities such as learning how to draw the Colosseum or the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Additionally, students learnt how to make pizza dough and cook their own pizza to share with their families.

Luca and Seve

Students also went back in time to the Roman era to learn interesting facts about that chapter in history, as well as the significance of the gondola and the story behind the Tarantella dance.

There were also many art and craft opportunities, with students creating Venetian masks, flags, pasta art and a 3D version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

During remote class times via MS TEAMS, students dressed up in Italian themed costumes and shared their experiences, as well as enjoying an Italian meal prepared with their families.

Learning Italian opens you up to a new world of culture and discernment.

The Early Years virtual Italian Day was a great opportunity for connection.

Foundation student Marco

Students took the chance to connect with each other and include their families in the celebrations.

The virtual Italian Day afforded students the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of Italian language learning and embrace the new world of remote learning.