Everyday life in isolation is difficult for all of us, but even more so for children.

Aron Albert lives in Scafati, a town in the southern Italian region of Campania.

He hasn’t been to school in around two months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hi mother, Marina, has explained the situation and Aron understands how important it is to stay at home during this period.

Aron hasn’t been to school since March 4.

“I miss school, but most of all I miss my friends and teachers,” he says.

“I’ve been speaking with them through WeSchool.”

WeSchool is an Italian platform that allows students to learn remotely via video lessons, written and oral explanations and much more.

Marina is a primary school teacher and she’s been making sure her sons don’t miss any classes, but remote learning is still being developed and slows down the process significantly.

In addition, there are some children who don’t have tablets or computers that support the platform WeSchool and teachers record video lessons which they then send to students via WhatsApp, an application used by everyone.

Remote learning isn’t Aron’s only commitment during this period of isolation, and he told us about his daily routine.

“I wake up at 9:30 am and eat breakfast in my pyjamas, then get dressed,” he says.

“Then the teachers send me homework via WhatsApp along with with videos; I listen to the message and do my homework right away so I don’t make any mistakes.

“When I finish my homework, I play with my brother and on the weekends I play with Clempad (an educational tablet), for just 30 minutes.”

The same goes for Aron’s younger brother, Léon, who turned six on May 16.

“When the coronavirus is over, I want to have a party for my birthday,” Léon says.

While the two brothers play football, toy cars and ride their skateboards on the balcony, they can’t wait until they can play out in the streets again.

“As soon as it all ends, I want to go to the soccer field to play against my cousin Raul and see if I’m still good,” Aron says.

“But the very first thing I want to do is run around the building as fast as I can!”