The floating vaccination site was designated for residents over the age of 80 who reside on two islands in the Venetian Lagoon: Sant’Erasmo and Le Vignole.

Given the relative remoteness of the islands, it made more sense to bring a vaporetto clinic to the elderly residents rather than making them travel to another island, health officials said. 

“[The initiative] has the dual objective of getting citizens used to the idea of vaccination, through this unusual form of service, and to offer those elderly people for whom it would be more difficult to get around the possibility of doing it a short walk from home,” the city of Venice said in a statement.

The boat docked at a pier in Sant’Erasmo and locals calmly waited to be invited on board for the vaccination.

Some elderly Venetians also came from the nearby island of Murano so as to avoid having to travel further to get the jab.