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“Il Gruppo dell’Amicizia in memoria di Enrica Inglese” is proud to present the SECOND NATIONAL EDITION of the Italian Education Awards 2020.

 Secondary school students (Years 7 to 9) will have to write an essay on the following topic:

“Choose one of the following prominent Italian characters: Dante Alighieri, Leonardo Da Vinci, Giuseppe Verdi. Write about their life and works.” 

Answers should not exceed 500 words.

Each participant must submit only one work.

Secondary school students (Years 10 to 12) will have to write an essay on the following topic:

“No country is said to be immune to racism. What is your opinion on this? What do you think is the situation in Australia? Do you think that in the future it will be possible to live without racial conflicts? Justify your answers.” 

Answers should not exceed 700 words.

Each participant must submit only one work.


Secondary students will be divided into three categories: Years 7 and 8, Years 9 and 10, and Years 11 and 12. 

Each category will be awarded three prizes respectively $500, $300 and $200.  

How to enter

Entries can be submitted via the form below or via post to: sent as three equal copies, together inside a closed envelope with the participant’s details inside, addressed to La Fiamma, PO Box 195, Leichhardt NSW 2040.

For reasons of confidentiality and to remain anonymous, partecipants are asked to refer to themslves and family members by first name only (for example Antonio, Maria).

Competition details

A qualified jury will choose the winners. The decision of the jury is final.

Closing date for ALL entries is Friday, September 25, 2020, at 5:00 pm.

The award ceremony is scheduled for the end of November.

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