Paolo Simoncelli created the racing squad Sic58 Squadra in 2013, in memory of his late son Marco Simoncelli.

On Sunday, their rider Tatsuki Suzuki achieved his maiden win at the very circuit that was renamed in honour of Marco Simoncelli: the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, located in the Province of Rimini, Italy.

This unique and historic circumstance was met with jubilant celebration from the entire team.

Paolo Simoncelli bellowed in joy and waved his arms animatedly when Suzuki crossed the finish line in first.

The 21-year-old Japanese has ridden for the Sic58 Squadra team since its debut in the Moto3 category in 2017.

The youngster shares a close, family-like relationship with Paolo Simoncelli.  

Since Suzuki’s move to Sic58 Squadra he has learned Italian and even relocated from Japan to Italy for the sport.

It was a bright weekend for the Sic58 Squadra team from the start.

Good results were earned in the practice sessions and an excellent qualification saw Suzuki produce his first pole position, while his teammate Niccolo Antonelli also qualified strong in sixth.

Suzuki, who has had quite a few falls this season, was in complete focus this weekend.

He was untouched for 18 consecutive laps of the Moto3 Italian GP.  

The race saw a rare 14 riders not finish due to hot track conditions, including Suzuki’s teammate Antonelli who fell early on in the race.

The battle for the front ignited with five laps remaining, where Suzuki fought hard and regained the lead entering the final lap.

Podium contenders Andrea Migno and Ai Ogura crashed on the last lap, allowing John McPhee, who was behind, to attack second position.

However, Suzuki managed to avoid this scuffle and entered the third sector with a stunning defence game to hold off McPhee and Tony Arbolino. 

It was a jubilant scene in the Sic58 Squadra quarters as Suzuki crossed the finish line first in a triumphant win which ties together both the circuit and team that honour Marco Simoncelli.

Suzuki expressed his delight post-race.

“It’s amazing - every race we try to finish [in] this position,” Suzuki said.

“Finally, yesterday I took the first pole position on our home Grand Prix.

“Today, Sunday – we did it again!”

In 2011, Italian MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli sadly died at the Malaysian Grand Prix during an on-track collision.

His memory lives on throughout the sport and quite often riders can be seen dubbing Marco Simoncelli’s famous bike number 58 on their helmets or leathers.

In 2011, the Misano World Circuit was renamed to honour Marco Simoncelli’s memory and in 2013, Paolo Simoncelli initiated his own racing squad.

In an interview with Paolo Simoncelli in 2017, Simoncelli spoke about the team entering Moto3.

“I hope I am doing something that will make Marco proud of me,” Simoncelli said.

The emotional victory at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli over the weekend shines a memorial light on Marco Simoncelli and on the sport that he loved so dearly.

Marco would be proud.  

Catch the Aragon GP this Sunday, September 22, 10:00 pm AEST for the MotoGP category.


Moto3 Misano GP Results (Round 13)

  1. Tatsuki Suzuki (JPN) Honda
  2. John McPhee (GBR) Honda
  3. Tony Arbolino (ITA) Honda
  4. Jaume Masia (SPA) KTM
  5. Dennis Foggia (ITA) KTM
  6. Gabriel Rodrigo (ARG) Honda
  7. Marcos Ramirez (SPA) Honda
  8. Lorenzo Dalla Porta (ITA) Honda
  9. Filip Salac (CZE) KTM
  10. Raul Fernandez (SPA) KTM
  11. Stefano Nepa (ITA) KTM
  12. Jakub Kornfeil (CZE) KTM
  13. Andrea Migno (ITA) KTM
  14. Riccardo Rossi (ITA) Honda
  15. Elia Bartolini (RSM) KTM
  16. Deniz Oncu (TUR) KTM


Albert Arenas (SPA) KTM
Aron Canet (SPA) KTM
Sergio Garcia (SPA) Honda
Alonso Lopez (SPA) Honda
Niccolò Antonelli (ITA) Honda
Celestino Vietti (ITA) KTM
Kazuki Masaki (JPN) KTM
Ai Ogura (JPN) Honda
Ayumu Sasaki (JPN) Honda   
Kaito Toba (JAP) Honda
Makar Yurchenko (KAZ) KTM
Tom Booth-Amos (GBR) KTM
Darryn Binder (RSA) KTM
Meikon Kawakami (BRA) KTM