The inimitable Centanni, who was born in Rome but moved to Sydney in 2008, will be performing mostly Italian songs from the ‘60s, in the rock’n’roll and boogie boogie styles from what is known as the golden age of Italian music.

Some of these classics include Tintarella di Luna (Tanned by the Moon), Mina’s jaunty and famosissima rock’n’roll groove from 1959, and Renato Carosone’s Tu Vuò Fà L’​americano (You Want to be American).

Centanni, who has a wealth of live shows and two successful albums under her belt, is also the granddaughter of Armandino Zingone, who back in the days of la dolce vita performed with the legendary Carosone.

Centanni has just returned from a trip to England and Italy with her new fiancé, where they visited Capri, the Amalfi Coast and Naples.

“What can I say honey, those places are amazing, it is incredible,” Centanni said in an interview with Pino Scuro on Eastside Radio.

Centanni believes that travelling is to grow and explore yourself through experiencing others.

“When I write a song, I am travelling inside and outside myself,” she said.

She began her music career in 2001 in Rome, quickly becoming a popular fixture on the Rome jazz scene, with highly acclaimed shows at the famous La Palma Jazz, among many others across Italy and Europe.

Centanni visited Australia for a simple holiday but decided to stay after being inspired by “the natural beauties of the land, the splendid nature, the colour of the sky at sunset and the song of the ocean”.

She is now the authentic voice of Italy in Australia, known for her silky smooth vocals which uplift the hankering soul.

She also works with children in need, invigorating their lives through the power of music.

For Romamore, Centanni will be performing alongside her band, consisting of David Allen on keys, Michele Latumaelissa on bass, Keith Sullivan on drums and Anthony Tumillo on sax.

Catch them live this Sunday, November 10, at Django @ Camelot, Marrickville, for a nostalgic and melodious tour through Italy.

Purchase tickets on the Camelot Lounge’s website.