This year, Italo-Australian personality Lisa Woodbrook will return to her hometown of Perth to perform her smash hit comedy show It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You as part of the 2020 Perth Fringe World Festival.

The show, which Woodbrook wrote and produced, explores the ever-evolving dating world, from swiping right to ghosting, dealing with Italian relatives and finding commitment in museums.

“I wrote it after having a full-on year of dating and figuring out how the apps work these days,” she said.

“It’s inspired by a collection of experiences from dating to being in a relationship to being broken up with or doing the dumping.”

The real inspiration behind the show are the songs that feature throughout it – all by pop sensations Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen.

“I love these songs and what they say about dating – the more I was dating the more I realised how right the songs were and I agreed with their point of view,” Woodbrook explained.

“Both singers are great storytellers themselves and their lyrics are both heartfelt and funny, so I thought it was a great combination.”

Woodbrook is also a talented actor, MC and TV presenter who has performed in a number of high-profile Australian productions and did a stint as Melbourne’s “Eye in the Sky” for Ten News First.

While she’s undoubtedly a multifaceted entertainer, Woodbrook is first and foremost a singer ... and she’ll wow audiences with her smooth musical tones in her show, singing each and every track between segments of stand-up comedy.

Woodbrook’s love affair with music has no beginning and no end.

Born into an Italian family on her mother’s side, with grandparents hailing from the Sicilian municipality of Capo d’Orlando, Woodbrook is passionate about her heritage and believes it played a part in her developing a passion for performing.

“Most Italians are pretty passionate people and that may have rubbed off on me a little bit too much,” she laughed.

“I’ve been singing my whole life ... I don’t actually remember when I even started.

“When I was younger, I’d sing songs in Italian with my mum and it was a great way of building my confidence.”

Woodbrook discovered her talent as a girl when she turned heads while singing at church, and her parents always encouraged her to follow her dreams as she grew up.

“At the end of high school I didn’t know whether to study law or pursue music ... in the end I chose music and I haven’t looked back,” she said.

“I tend to call myself a performer or entertainer these days because I love connecting with an audience, whether that be talking or singing ... I just love the communication.

“As long as there’s a stage and I’m up there, I’m happy!”

In addition to her Fringe performance, Woodbrook will also be in Perth to MC the Town of Bassendean’s Australia Day Celebrations and Fireworks.

The annual event, which attracts over 12,000 attendees, is one of Perth’s biggest Australia Day festivities.

Melbourne-based Woodbrook is looking forward to returning to Perth for the family-friendly event and the dazzling fireworks display. 

As for her comedy show, Woodbrook hopes to move people in a positive way.

“If they’re dating, I want them to know that they shouldn’t settle and if they’re in a relationship, I hope they realise that they deserve to be really, really happy,” she concluded.

“It’s a hopeful, uplifting show ... it’s like watching a live episode of Sex and the City!”

Catch Lisa Woodbrook at the 2020 Fringe World Festival, running from January 17 to February 16. For more information and tickets, visit the festival’s website.