The shocking bridge collapse killed 43 people on August 14, 2018, wounding the city of Genoa and stunning the entire country.

On Monday, demolition work on the remaining stumps in the viaduct was finally completed.

Genoa Mayor Marco Bucci was satisfied with the timing, saying “15,000 cubic metres of material have been removed and moved”.

A new bridge was originally promised to be built by Christmas 2019, but is now scheduled for completion in spring of 2020.

The design for the new bridge is by Italy’s most famous living architect, Renzo Piano, with construction company Per Genova, composed of Fincantieri, Salini Impregilo and Italferr, taking on the project.

“The new bridge on the Polcevera River will give back a fundamental infrastructure to its territory and to Italy,” Per Genova said in an online statement.

The company described the proposed bridge as “a safe, simple and functional bridge combining technological innovation with the Italian know-how, serving Genoa’s mission of becoming an important European hub”.

The length of the continuous steel deck of the bridge will be 1067 metres, with 18 elliptical piers made of reinforced concrete and 19 spans in the continuous steel deck.

As the first anniversary of the incident approaches, President of Liguria Giovanni Toti has called for justice for the victims.