The Italian-born painter and current St George resident moved to Australia when she was 23 years old, after coming for a holiday and meeting her husband-to-be.

Oriana began her practice in illustration, eventually moving into painting on canvas, with watercolours, acrylic or oil on wood.

Her paintings are often surreal and dream-like in nature, replete with symbols and introspection.

But she also paints light-filled landscapes and portraits.

She particularly enjoys painting her own self-portrait.

“I like to put my perceptions into my work,” Oriana said.

“To show who I am and my reality...

“I’m trying to really focus on who I am in the core.” 

Oriana had just returned from a holiday in Italy when she was given access to Carss Park Artist's Cottage and its studio space at no cost, as one of the first participants in Council’s introductory Artist in Residence program.

She spent some time in October of this year in the former Ranger’s house, in its picturesque bush park setting on the Georges River.

Oriana said that her time there was productive.

She painted some landscapes and one self portrait, and would be interested in participating in other residencies as it was such “a positive experience”.

Kogarah-based Steve Lopes and Oatley local Tetsuya Mori were two other artists who each received support for their practice.

The award was a result of Blakehurst Ward Councillor Kathryn Landsberry’s motion to allocate Ward funding to the program.

Councillor Landsberry, a strong supporter of the arts, said she hopes the extra funding provided to local artists will help them achieve great things with their art.

“Everyone in the community can play a part in developing art and culture in our local area,” she said.

“We are encouraging local residents to ‘Have your Say’ on the Georges River Creative Cultural Strategy, so that creative programs and events reflect the community’s values and diversity.”

Georges River Council Mayor Kevin Greene said that Council is committed to cultivating and developing creativity among community members now and in the future.

“Fostering art and culture, and the people who influence this in the Georges River area, is incredibly important to us at Council,” he said.

“I would like to thank Steve, Tetsuya and Vittoria for their incredible and unique contributions to the community’s creative culture.”

The Artist in Residence Program is one of Council’s many initiatives that foster creativity within the local area.

Local, regional and international artists across a wide range of art forms are invited to apply for periods of up to three months between November 2018 and December 2020.

As Oriana said, the residency was the perfect setting in which to rise to the occasion and “challenge myself”.

You can view Vittoria Oriana’s work on her Instagram.