Umberto Gatti was in Australia for work and was employed as a waiter in a restaurant, while simultaneously studying English.

The young man was riding his Piaggio scooter when he was caught up in a hit-and-run accident which involved seven other vehicles.

A BMW X3 allegedly hit Gatti before the two people in the car fled the scene of the incident.

Moncalieri is in mourning for Gatti, who had been in Australia for over a year and was known for his beautiful smile.

His Facebook page has been inundated with messages in the wake of his death.

“Umby, we spoke just a few days ago, and I’ve just heard what’s happened to you from your Facebook page,” one mourner wrote.

“I want to remember the last time I saw you at Lentini’s: smiling and with your Australian visa already set to go.

“I want to remember you, at 20 years old when we used to go out and dance, thinking that those evenings, youth and possibly even life ... were infinite,” she wrote.

A 23-year-old man was also killed in the accident, while two other people were injured.

Brisbane police are currently searching for the suspects.