It all begins with a letter addressed to Santa, including a list of desired gifts.

From then on, the wait until Christmas morning is almost unbearable.

Sometimes, children’s imaginations run completely wild, and we’ve decided to share with you some of the most entertaining letters to Santa Claus from around the world.

  • “Dear Santa, if you bring presents with batteries, bring batteries”
  • “Dear Santa Claus, it’s Claire again, but I’m writing for my nine-year-old brother named Mitch. He wants a binder, binder hole puncher (I want a hole puncher too) and a skateboard (but don’t give the skateboard to him). Mitch is very kind hearted but has a bad temper. He also writes messy and doesn’t like to read. Bye, Mitch Liu. P.S. This is not his sign[iture]”
  • “Dear Santa, how are your reindeer? If you can’t buy what I want make it easy on yourself. Just give me tens and ones of money”
  • “Dear Santa, please text my dad. He has my whole list. I love you. Tennassee xoxox”
  • “Dear Santa, you better bring my pony this year. Or there will be consequences”
  • “Dear Santa, give the cookies to your stomach and the carrots to the reindeer. I wish I was eating the cookies. From, Isaiah”
  • Dear Santa, I don’t want all the other nine (9) things on the list I sent to my father (dad). I only want the puppy. Every time I think about not getting a puppy it makes me sadder and sadder. I just want one little puppy. Just one. All I am asking for is one little puppy. Perhaps a Labrador, German Shepherd or a Husky. Thank you if I discover a puppy in a box under a tree. Love, Emily”
  • “Sorry, but you need a diet. So I got you a banana. You don’t need a drink for a banana. Love, the kids”
  • “Dear Santa, my sister has been naughty so she does not deserve anything. Thank you, Colton”
  • “Dear Santa, I want Simba’s dad to wake up” (reference to Mufasa from The Lion King)
  • “Dear Santa, for Christmas I want a toy that does my homework. And I want a ninja turtle that fights. From, Juan Pablo”
  • “Dear Santa, I want for Christmas a little sister. But not right now, like in two years. Love, Samantha”
  • “Dear Santa, I’m not saying I don’t believe in you but could you sign this paper to make me believe in you more? Adam”
  • “Dear ‘Santa’, even though I know the truth, I want you to know how much I enjoyed believing in you for the past 10½ years. Love, the new Ava” (letter left with the cookie and milk plate on Christmas Eve)