The event will take place at 2:00 pm on Tuesday, March 5, at the Dallas Brooks Hall in East Melbourne.

Aside from the discount applied by the organisers, CO.AS.IT. will contribute $2 to the cost of each ticket, meaning pensioners will only pay $5 per person.

Relatives of the pensioners can also attend the event, for $8 per person.

The pensioner groups will have to provide transport to the Dallas Brooks Hall, but CO.AS.IT. can help to arrange a hire bus for the cost of around $2 per person.

The concert will go for around two hours and local artists will be showcased in addition to Tajoli’s performance.

Presidents of the pensioner groups are invited to submit a list of attendees (both pensioners and their families) as soon as possible.

For information on tickets, hire buses and more, please contact Frank Di Blasi.