What better time to baptise this publication than on this significant date, held so close to the hearts of all Italians.

We can only hope that this pleasant coincidence is an omen for great things to come.

When we began this endeavour, we asked ourselves what should be the role and purpose of a weekly Italian newspaper in a foreign country like Australia.

Certainly, it cannot be limited to publishing generic news like any other existing media outlet.

It has to satisfy the more intimate needs of Italian migrants and their desire to know every intricate detail of what is happening in the motherland they left behind.

Furthermore, it must help them get to know and understand their new home.

We will adapt to those principles and meet those needs.

In doing so, Il Globo will represent an ideal bridge connecting Italian migrants with the Australian way of life.

It will be a weekly meeting point for Italians across Australia, and a familiar friend in times of loneliness and despair.

English-language publications cannot offer us all of this.

While they are undoubtedly a valuable source of general information, and will help us study the English language, they cannot not give us the same pleasure as reading in Italian can.

So, why deprive ourselves?

We do not believe it is necessary to sacrifice the sentiments and affection which tie us to our distant homeland in the face of assimilation.

We can be excellent Australian citizens and still nurture the strong bond we share with the land which we were born upon.

We will also seek to remain impartial observers and objective commentators on the Italian, Australian and international political scene.

We have used the present format because we believe it is the most responsive to the needs of the Italian community and closest to the journalistic techniques of Italian publications.

Aside from the latest Italian and Australian news, our weekly publication will offer a range of reports, memoirs, stories and articles by the best Italian journalists, and an overview of global current affairs, which will allow our readers to keep up to date with international politics.

From this first edition we extend a fraternal greeting to all of our fellow countrymen spread across “The Fifth Continent”.

A deferential salute to Italian authorities in the hope of a prosperous collaboration, and finally, to the pioneers of Italian journalism in Australia and colleagues of the Italian press, remembering that we are fighting for a common cause: respect and progress for Italians in this great land which has welcomed us all.