Station operators say that sending daily electronic reports of their earnings to the tax department is “unattainable for some”.

They say that this requirement is unnecessary and unachievable and “duplicates existing requirements without actually assisting in the fight against tax illegality and evasion”.

Petrol station managers also risk penalties that they say are unfairly connected to their work activities.

Petrol station unions Faib Confesercenti, Fegica Cisl and Figisc/Anisa Confcommercio said that over these two days, stations on roads and motorways would close.

“Faced with the deafening silence of the government and the indifference of the industry ministry, we have been forced to resort to a general mobilisation, which will culminate in the strike beginning at 6:00 am on November 6 and ending at 6:00 am on November 8,” they said.

“Despite the declaration of a possible strike since some weeks ago, the government has demonstrated disinterest and superficiality toward a sector which guarantees mobility to citizens and services to drivers all across the country.”

A majority of fuel stations across the country are expected to participate in the strike, although some service areas will remain open.

Crowded conditions and fuel shortages are possible at open stations.