Last Wednesday, at 2:30 pm, two Italian workers were crushed when a wall collapsed at the construction site of a petrol station in Liverpool.

A third Italian man survived but is in a critical condition.

Strong winds caused the four-metre wall to collapse.

The deceased have been identified as Francesco Deleo, 32, and Giuseppe Orfino, 38.

Deleo had migrated from the Calabrian town of Monasterace Marina and lived on Woodlands Road, in Liverpool.

He’d been in Australia for eight years and had returned to Italy four years ago to get married.

He leaves behind his wife and two children: a two-year-old son and 15-month-old daughter.

A fellow Calabrian, Orfino had migrated from the town of Arena 12 years ago and lived in Verbena Street, Liverpool.

He leaves behind his wife and four children: Rosa, 14; Raffaele, 13 (whose birthday was yesterday, the same day as his father’s funeral); Caterina, 8; and Francesco, 6.

The third victim, 26-year-old Salvatore Megali, is in a critical condition at the hospital in Liverpool.

Megali is the nephew of Orfino and was set to get married on January 2.

The three workers had realised the wall was collapsing in the strong wind, but couldn’t make it to safety in time.