As the waters in Venice began to recede on Monday, other parts of Italy continued to suffer and the regions of Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna and Friuli Venezia-Giulia were placed under maximum red alert for storms, floods and landslides.

Firefighters in Tuscany said they had carried out around 400 rescues across the region since Saturday night, including a hovercraft search for one person swept away by the current in the province of Grosseto, who was found clinging on to a tree.

Authorities in the central region were monitoring the river Arno as heavy rain caused it to rise perilously close to its limit.

In Pisa, the army reinforced flood barriers and bridges were closed on Sunday evening.

The city’s schools and shops were ordered closed on Monday.

Meanwhile, Florence had over 62 millimetres of rain in 24 hours, and more than 2000 cubic metres of water gushed through the city every second.

Further north in Emilia-Romagna, regional president Stefano Bonaccini is requesting a state of emergency to be declared after the river Idice burst its banks.

Firefighters confirmed they had carried out 450 rescues, while an estimated 10,000 residents suffered gas and power cuts and hundreds were evacuated on Sunday. 

In South Tyrol, 11,000 households were left without power in the province of Bolzano, which has been blanketed in up to 150 centimetres of snow.

Around 50 roads have been closed across the region, while at least one avalanche was reported and the risk of others following was raised to four out of five.

In the central region of Lazio, strong winds and rough seas were reported in several towns along the coast, causing entire beaches to be washed away.

As Rome faces its second week of thunderstorms, at least two cars were hit by falling trees, one injuring a 23-year-old driver who was rushed to hospital.

Authorities have closed parts of the banks of the Tiber as a precaution and are monitoring the river’s levels.

Meanwhile in Campania, schools in many towns were ordered schools closed after hours of heavy rainfall caused floods.

Flooding was also reported in Naples, especially in the Rione Sanità neighbourhood, where streets and houses have now been submerged for several days.

The island of Ischia suffered severe damage from stormy seas, as waves smashed into trees, benches, lampposts and a restaurant terrace.

The southern regions of Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia have also been devastated by thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes.

Italy’s fire service said it has carried out a total of 8000 rescue operations across the county in the past week.

Cities like Venice and Matera are dealing will millions of euros of damage, while the wild weather will cost Italy’s agriculture and fishing industries tens of millions of euros.