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Fracchiata abruzzese

Dish Seafood
Difficulty level Easy
Method Stove Top
Serves Serves 4
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A traditional dish from Abruzzo.

Fracchiata abruzzese

• 300g chickpea flour, sifted
• 1 tbsp plain flour
• 100 ml extra virgin olive oil, for frying
• 50g salted anchovies, rinsed, heads removed and deboned
• 50g dried mild chilli peppers
• Salt

1. Bring to the boil 750 ml of salted water in a large pot.
2. Slowly add the chickpea flour, stirring continuously to avoid any lumps.
3. Stir over low heat for 45 minutes, making sure the mixture doesn’t stick to the sides of the pot.
4. Coat the anchovies in the plain flour and fry them in a pan with the hot oil.
5. Remove the anchovies and fry the peppers in the same pan, using the same oil.
6. Divide the flour mixture onto four plates and top with the anchovies and peppers.
7. Finish with a drizzle of the olive oil from the pan and serve hot.