Another seven suspects are under investigation in connection with the bag-snatching gang, which also operated in rental car parks and at the main train station Termini, police said.

The suspects are accused of stealing property worth more than €50,000 in a matter of hours, according to police, who released surveillance camera footage of the gang at work.

The video shows a group of men, pretending to be passengers with their own luggage, striking opportunistically at check-in desks or in the car park.

In one incident, a man can be seen opening a car door to snatch valuables from inside the vehicle as two travellers load their cases into the boot.

In another, one man distracts a man waiting in line as an accomplice lifts his bag from a luggage trolley.

The gang has been dubbed the “commuter thieves”, because the suspects are residents of France and Spain but travelled back and forth to Rome.

The suspects face charges of aggravated theft.

Police said they were able to recover some of the stolen items and return them to their rightful owners.