"We are two nations bound by bilateral ties that are spread across almost all sectors, a partnership with a strong economic interconnection, two complementary economies," she said.

"Our cooperation is fundamental for European solutions to the complex issues of these times.

"I'm thinking of the upcoming European Council on Ukraine and the competitiveness of the European economic system".

Meloni said there was "strong synergy between Italy and Germany" on Ukraine, saying the two nations had worked to support "Kyiv's self defence" and would "continue to do so as long as necessary.

"Italy has made an effort to help in every way," she continued.

"We are working with France on missile defence.

"We have reached our sixth package of aid.

"We won't fail to support efforts to get to dialogue — helping Ukraine in order to bring the parties to the negotiating table.

"I will be in Kyiv before (the first anniversary of the start of the war on) February 24."