More than 8000 people participated in the event, which featured live music and entertainment, as well as sporting activities.

The day’s success was largely due to the exceptional coordination among the clubs that participated, including: the Floridia Social Club; the Società Mutuo Soccorso Isole Eolie; the Circolo Sociale Licodia Eubea; the Palazzolo Acreide Social Club; the Associazione Ramacchese; the Associazione Sortinese; the Sicilia Social Club; and the Vizzini Social Club.

The title of Miss Picnic dei Siciliani went to Nella Pirrone, while Margaret Cannatella was crowned Charity Queen.

The other contestants, who all did a wonderful job, were: Lina Pizzo; Vitina Agosta; Maria Di Dio; Phyllis Di Dio; Amelia Marcuccio; Pina Selvaggi; Giuseppina Di Mattia; Alfonsina Colangelo; Anna Gullè; Josie Bottaro; Nunziata Falcone; and Alfia Tomacchio.

The presenter of the entire day was Rolando Di Bari.