The victory was achieved by Tatsuki Suzuki, who has been with the team since their Moto3 debut in 2017.

The team was created by Paolo Simoncelli in 2013 to honour the memory of his late son Marco Simoncelli, who died in a MotoGP race in 2011.

This is Suzuki’s second Moto3 win.

His first victory was last year at the very circuit that was renamed and dedicated in honour of Marco Simoncelli: the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, located in the Province of Rimini, Italy.

This time around, Suzuki’s win marked yet another uncanny connection to the team – he is the first rider in the lightweight class to start from pole position on the Jerez circuit and win the race since Marco Simoncelli in 2005.

It was a fitting win for Suzuki, who received scrutiny from team boss Paolo Simoncelli, who described Suzuki’s performance at the previous Moto3 race just seven days prior as “embarrassing”.

“From last week I was really disappointed with my race. Today, I am happiest,” Suzuki said post-race.

Moto3 points leaders Albert Arenas and Ai Ogura both crashed out, allowing Suzuki’s victory to push him to second position in the Moto3 standings on 44 points behind Arenas on 50 points.

Round four of Moto3 will take place on August 9 at the Czech Republic GP.

Andalucia Moto3 Results

  1. Tatsuki Suzuki (JPN) Honda
  2. John McPhee (GBR) Honda
  3. Celestino Vietti (ITA) KTM   
  4. Darryn Binder (RSA) KTM
  5. Gabriel Rodrigo (ARG) Honda
  6. Raul Fernandez (SPA) KTM
  7. Jeremy Alcoba (SPA) Honda
  8. Sergio Garcia (SPA) Honda
  9. Ryusei Yamanaka (JAP) Honda
  10. Tony Arbolino (ITA) Honda
  11. Kaito Toba (JAP) Honda
  12. Roman Fenati (ITA) Husqvarna
  13. Carlo Tatay (SPA) KTM
  14. Stefano Nepa (ITA) KTM
  15. Niccolo Antonelli (ITA) Honda
  16. Yuki Kunii (JAP) Honda
  17. Barry Baltus (BEL) KTM
  18. Maximillian Kofler (AUT) KTM
  19. Jason Dupasquier (CHL) KTM
  20. Khairul Idham Pawi (MAL) Honda
  21. Riccardo Rossi (ITA) KTM
  22. Andrea Migno (ITA) KTM