Victoria Police have issued a total of 5719 fines to people not adhering to the restrictions, filling the state’s pockets with a staggering $9,447,788.

More than 50,000 spot checks have been conducted throughout Operation Sentinel.

Police Minister Lisa Neville applauded police for cracking down on wrongdoers who breached the chief health officer’s directives amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Victoria Police members have contributed to saving lives during this period,” she said.

“Police will continue to provide reassurance and hold people blatantly breaching directives to account.”

It comes as the state’s Police Assistance Line experienced a significant increase in calls over April.

More than 102,000 calls were received in April, compared to nearly 71,000 in March – a 30 per cent rise.

In February, before the pandemic was declared, the line took 61,000 calls.

Victoria Police said at the peak of the pandemic, the phone line and website averaged between 3500 and 11,500 reports a day, with the most common calls relating to coronavirus breaches.

Extra staff were recruited to deal with the influx in late March, including Australian Defence Force members who assisted with urgent calls.

Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton encouraged people to continue ringing the Police Assistance Line to ensure people heeded restrictions.

“It’s not about people dobbing people in, it’s about people doing the right thing and holding people to account,” he said.

“It’s about saving lives.”

Victoria recorded four new cases of coronavirus overnight, with three infections removed from the state’s tally, bringing the total to 1581.

Neville said three of the new cases were household contacts linked to the Cedar Meats cluster, with the Brooklyn abattoir’s infections reaching a total of 106.

One case remains under investigation.

There are 88 active cases of coronavirus in the state.

Ten people are in hospital, including five patients in intensive care.