From Wednesday, July 1, Rete Italia will move to DAB+ digital radio in Melbourne (however, it will be possible to continue listening to the programs on the current frequency, 1593AM, until Friday, July 3).

Sydney will soon follow suit, with an exact date to be confirmed shortly.

The advanced technology plays the highest quality sound possible and will provide an enhanced listening experience. 

However, listeners will require a compatible radio in order to tune in – DAB+ radio enabled devices can be purchased from a low price at any electronics store and are now offered as a “standard” feature in cars.

With the use of DAB + technology – which is more efficient than the DAB standard – we also bid farewell to frequencies.

Tuning is easier as stations are identified by name rather than frequency (in the case of Rete Italia, Niche Radio), and the device always remains perfectly tuned to the program, giving listeners a crystal-clear sound.

We invite all listeners to tune in and join us on this new chapter as we move with the times.