This popular Italian saying – meaning “at Carnevale, anything goes” – came to life at Brighton Primary School on February 25, when Italian teacher Nunzia Esposito organised a festa for staff and students in honour of Carnevale.

It was Shrove Tuesday, which marks the last day of the famed Italian event and the day before Lent.

The school was painted in vibrant colours and people donned masks for the event, which has taken place for around two decades now.

During Italian class, students discovered when, where, how and why Carnevale came to be celebrated in Italy.

They also learned the religious and cultural aspects behind the tradition and how it is associated with Lent and Easter.

On the day of the celebrations, the school saw a theatre production by Commedia dell’Arte company, Make A Scene.

Students enjoyed the fun initiative along with a feast in the form of crostoli, bomboloni, ciambellone and crostata.

But the festivities don’t end there, and students are now eagerly awaiting June and Italian Republic Day, which will be celebrated with a special assembly and a concert by Prep students, an Italian lunch with pizza and gelato, and a show by Year 6 students.

Italian studies are highly valued at Brighton Primary School, and every two years it organises a trip to Italy so students can be immersed in Italian culture and hone their language skills by going to school in Carpineto Romano, in the central Lazio region.