After having screened Disney’s Luca to 150 children at the small catholic school in Footscray, Sandra Di Vita was inspired to create other activities related to the animated film, which her students adored.

The children worked on decorating a Vespa, which they had to cut out, glue, and colour in, as well as create a perfect landscape in which to place it.

They then cooked pizzelle, managing to achieve the perfect browned crispiness, and ate ice cream ― one of the best Italian traditions.

All students participated in a pasta making workshop, during which they learnt how to make tagliatelle.

The school headmaster and some teachers even put their culinary skills to the test.

For lunch, several samples of pasta sauces were offered: with butter, tomato sugo, and with pesto, to recall Luca's Genovese tradition.

Concluding the day was a bocce tournament and an Italian themed puzzle.

"We have a large Vietnamese and multicultural community at the school, which makes the children particularly interested in studying a language; they know the importance of it," comments Sandra Di Vita.

The teacher explains that for next year, there are some interesting new initiatives to look forward to, including a short Italian immersion day for all students and teachers, called 'teachers as co-learners'.