Dear future student,

When you read this letter you will be in Year 12. I hope that your year will be better than ours.

Where to begin?

So, we started the year all happy. We met in Italian class and while the teacher talked about all the important things for the future school year, we were enthusiastic and nervous at the same time.

With friends, before and after school, we started to dream about what was waiting for us.

But suddenly, the pandemic arrived!

In the newspapers, on the television, on the radio, on social media, everywhere, they spoke about COVID-19.

Goodbye to our friends, our parties, to the much dreamed-of schoolies!!!

Who could have imagined what would happen after?

Everyone reacted in different ways: there were some who panicked and some who decided to relax and remain positive.

Then arrived remote learning!!!

Poor teachers! The virtual world for them was not easy to handle. They were faced with absurd silences and cameras off. Motivation was gone and the computer nearly dead.

However difficult, we did it and this experience served to make us understand how important their role is for our formation. We also appreciated face-to-face lessons even more.

But not everything was lost! Quarantine finished, and with the end of online lessons, we have arrived at exams. All united, the class of 2020 celebrated (with caution) the last days of school.

In short, future student, if we young people of 2020 were capable of completing this year in particular, imagine what you can accomplish!

Good luck!

Class of 2020

‘Lettera allo studente del futuro’ (Letter to a future student) was one of the final activities for the Year 12 Italian students who attended the Victorian School of Languages (VSL) in Brunswick on Saturday mornings in 2020.

The 13 students of the class also created a video to accompany the letter.

Read the original letter in Italian here.