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'Su Carrasegare: Beyond the Masks'

Evento di Editorial Team

'Su Carrasegare: Beyond the Masks' will accompany you in an exciting journey of discovery of the beliefs and rites of pre-Christian Sardinia. You will see powerful images of the archaic masks and costumes still used today during Carnival, su Carrasegare, in the villages of Barbagia in the Sardinian island. The etymological study of the origin of Sardinian words assists us recapture the long lost meanings associated with these haunting masks, costumes and rituals. Luca Pisci (1986) has always been fascinated by the mysteries of his native land, Sardinia. He is currently engaged in a major project devoted to Sardinian culture, of which this exhibition is part. Paola Steri is an Italian graphic designer, originally from Sardinia, who has been living in Melbourne since 2016. She has organised events for the Sardinia region and various institutions and is the founder of the network Creativi a Melbourne.

Data Febbraio 20, 2018 - Marzo 16, 2018
Ora 6:30pm - 5:00pm
Co.As.It. Museo Italiano