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Pasta alla genovese

Piatto Pasta
Livello di difficoltà Easy
Metodo Stove Top
Portate 4-5
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Often confused with a pesto genovese, pasta alla genovese is a beef ragù made with carrots, celery, parsley, sage and an abundance of onions in white wine. The sauce becomes a silky puree that is sweetened by the onions and it is one of the few ragùs that does not traditionally incorporate tomatoes.



• 1kg onions, thinly sliced
• 1 carrot, chopped into small cubes
• 1 large celery stick, diced
• 600g beef, pre-minced or cut into chunks
• 2 bay leaves and 1 bunch of parsley, firmly tied together
• 100 ml white wine
• Extra virgin olive oil, as required
• Salt and pepper, as required
• 300g dried ziti pasta

1. In a large pot on low heat, sauté the onion, carrot and celery for a few minutes until slightly softened.
2. Mix in the beef and stir for a few minutes before adding the herb bunch. Allow the ingredients to simmer with the lid on, stirring occasionally as
required. The moisture released from the onions will ensure the sauce won’t dry out.
3. After approximately three hours, remove the herbs, increase the heat, add the wine and allow the ragù to simmer for approximately one hour with regular stirring and the lid off.
4. Cook the ziti as per packet instructions and once strained, transfer to the pot with the ragù.
5. Mix in with the ragù and serve with cracked pepper and grated parmesan if preferred.