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Tournedos Rossini

Piatto Red Meat
Livello di difficoltà Capable Cooks
Metodo Stove Top
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This is a dish comprising beef fillet, goose liver and black truffle shavings.



• Beef fillet (filet mignon), cut into rounds
• Sliced bread, crusts off, cut to the same shape as the meat
• Foie gras
• Truffle
• Butter
• Madeira
• Flour
• Salt
• Pepper

1. Lightly pan-fry the bread slices in butter until golden in colour. Remove from the heat and keep warm.
2. Coat the beef slices in flour and sauté both sides over high heat. Season with salt and pepper once cooked to your liking.
3. Place a slice of bread on each plate. Lay the fillet on the bread, a slice of foie gras on the meat and top with shaving of truffle.
4. Pour some Madeira into the pan to deglaze. Simmer and stir until the juices have reduced to the consistency of thick cream. Season with pepper and trickle the sauce over the meat.